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Chrysidid in a forest of North (France) & Chrysis immaculata

... paper on a very nice chrysidids in a forest on the north of France : Chrysis immaculata :wohow: with a list of species on a survey in Malaise ... Chrysis sp. (à déterminer)(groupe de Chrysis ignita), Chrysis cf. pseudobrevitarsis. If you need some informations, don't hesitate to ask me, ...
by jeromec
17 Jul 2020 13:27
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Topic: Chrysidid in a forest of North (France) & Chrysis immaculata
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Re: my highlights of the season

Hi Paul, For the species that you're not found, I think it is Chrysis varidens ? This species is common in mediterranean area, I was very ... semicincta, calimorpha, fulgida, splendidula, obtusidens, comta, pseudobrevitarsis, rutiliventris, mediadentata, schencki). And maybe some confusions ...
by jeromec
28 Oct 2019 21:44
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Topic: my highlights of the season
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Re: Chrysis sp. 12

belongs to the ignita -group, perhaps C. valida Mocsary, 1912, from the dark/black colouring on the head and mesosoma and the general brevitarsis/pseudobrevitarsis -habitus. You can compare it yourself with the type in Rosa, Vas, & Xu 2017 "The Palaearctic types of Chrysididae (Insecta, ...
by Alex
16 Sep 2018 20:03
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Topic: Chrysis sp. 12
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Chrysididae from Czech,Kolín 2016,2017

... on this tree 15 species of Chrysididae. On this tree was watching Chrysis fasciata,fulgida,gracillima,graelssi,ignita,impressa,indigotea,iris,longula,marginata,mediadentata,mediata, pseudobrevitarsis,solida and Trychrisis cyanea...This is fantastic tree. Here are photos of ...
by Equestris
03 Jul 2017 20:31
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Topic: Chrysididae from Czech,Kolín 2016,2017
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New on the forum

... wasps and it is very not easy (especially Omalus-Pseudomalus & Chrysis ignita group, but I have not many chrysidid for the moment) : C. inaequalis, C. viridula, (may be pseudobrevitarsis), fulgida, Pseudomalus auratus, Hedychridium coriaceum, Chrysura ...
by jeromec
10 May 2016 17:26
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Topic: New on the forum
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Re: Chrysis 2 Trentino

Chrysis sp. in the ignita-complex. Looks a lot like Chrysis mediata Linsenmaier, 1951 to me, its at least the "mediata-subgroup (solida, mediadentata, pseudobrevitarsis etc), and not one of the short-footed species (brevitarsis, pseudobrevitarsis)
by Alex
28 Jan 2016 20:20
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Topic: Chrysis 2 Trentino
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The origin of the chrysidid names

... consist of two names: the first generic and second specific, e.g. Chrysis ignita . The combination of the two makes the name unique. Such a ... perhaps placed in the middle of other species of the ignita group pseudobrevitarsis (from pseudo - [LAT, pref.] = false) + ( brevis, e [LAT, ...
by Euchroeus
27 Mar 2014 17:24
Forum: Miscellanea
Topic: The origin of the chrysidid names
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Re: Chrysis gr. ignita - Italia

... although I would say from the look of the internal segments and the thin mandible that it is not part of the mediata, mediadentata, brevitarsis, pseudobrevitarsis type of species, rather the "inner" ignita -group ( ignita A/B, angustula [which it could perhaps also be] longula etc). ...
by Alex
24 Oct 2013 18:31
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Topic: Chrysis gr. ignita - Italia
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Re: 2. chrysididae 2012

Hi Pepik,

13- Chrysis ignita (Linnaeus)
14- Pseudomalus violaceusLinsenmaier (wow)
15- Trichrysis cyanea (Linaeus)
16- Chrysis pseudobrevitarsis Linsenmaier (wow)
17- Chrysis indigotea Dofour & Perris (wow)

Fantastic pictures, as usual!

by Euchroeus
27 Nov 2012 11:43
Forum: Pictures | Immagini
Topic: 2012/2-Ch.indica,Ch.pseudobrevitarsis, e.t.c.
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2012/2-Ch.indica,Ch.pseudobrevitarsis, e.t.c.

cuckoo wasp I photographed in my garden in Prague
please help ID
Thank you
13- Ch.ignita?
14- no name
15- T.cyanea
17- Ch.indica ?
by pepik
13 Sep 2012 09:13
Forum: Pictures | Immagini
Topic: 2012/2-Ch.indica,Ch.pseudobrevitarsis, e.t.c.
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