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Re: Elampus sp.

Even though the picture is a bit blurry the shape of the apical plate is too wide to be E. constrictus from what I understand, so its likely E. foveatus . The punctation I was talking about is always covered by the wings by living specimens I'm afraid, its the middle ...
by Alex
20 Jul 2016 00:22
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Topic: Elampus sp.
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Re: Elampus sanzii?

I think this is constrictus but confirmation very welcome.

by Ian Cross
03 Jul 2016 13:46
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Topic: Elampus sanzii?
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Re: Chrysid 2

This is another Elampus sp., probably constrictus/panzeri as Paolo wrote before, this headshape and the metanotum does not occur in Pseudomalus, at least not in Europe.
by Alex
20 Aug 2014 01:29
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Topic: Elampus spec. (E. constrictus or E. panzeri)
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Re: Chrysid 1

Hi Hedy,

nice pictures taken on your finger!

Do you have other views?

Based on the thoracic punctuation I would say Elampus constrictus or panzeri, but the examination of the last tergite is needed to confirm one or the second species.

by Euchroeus
08 Jul 2014 08:05
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Topic: Elampus spec. (E. constrictus or E. panzeri)
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Elampus spec. (E. constrictus or E. panzeri)

Long time ago and only yesterday I found a few Chrysids.
I assume that they are the same species, but I will post all 4 of them,
maybe there are some pictures better.
I found them in Zeist, Holland.
by hedy2411
03 Jul 2014 13:06
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Topic: Elampus spec. (E. constrictus or E. panzeri)
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The origin of the chrysidid names

... [GR, adj.] = obscure, unknown] + ( pyga [LAT, nn.] = buttock) [f.] Elampus (from lampein (GR, v.) = to shine, glitter, sparkle) [m.] Exallopyga ... + ( coelia [κοιλία GR, nn.] = venter). Comment = venter aliter constrictus ([LAT] Mocsáry, 1889) = abdomen differently shaped. Chrysidini ...
by Euchroeus
27 Mar 2014 17:24
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Topic: The origin of the chrysidid names
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Re: Chrysidid morphology

... me is the mesopleural sculpture Linsenmaier refers to when keying Elampus sp. in his publications. I dont know if this is a good or a bad character (seeing as he confused E. panzeri and C. constrictus), but the fact that I cant even find it is a bit troubling... as Linsenmaier's ...
by Alex
14 Feb 2013 23:27
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Fauna Europaea

... Strumia, 2009. Taxa recently identified for Eastern Europe (16): Elampus cecchiniae Semenov, 1967; Elampus petri Semenov, 1967; Omalus miramae ... 1893 = C. perezi Mocsáry, 1889 Elampus ambiguus Dahlbom, 1845 = E. constrictus (Förster, 1853) Hedychridium hybridum Linsenmaier, 1959 = H. ...
by Euchroeus
05 May 2012 14:15
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Re: Chrysididae Netherlands:Elampus panzeri !

... follow Móczár's interpretation (1964). Thus the correct name should be Elampus constrictus (Foerster, 1853). I found the type in Berlin (lost in one old paper box and unfortunately ...
by Euchroeus
30 Jul 2011 12:02
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Topic: Chrysididae Netherlands:Elampus panzeri sensu Móczár 1964!
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