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... Limena (PD), 358 pp. ISBN: 978–88–6292–536–5. Cederberg B. (2012) Philoctetes truncatus , blå glansguldstekel. Artfaktablad. Available at: ...
by Euchroeus
15 Jan 2018 22:43
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Topic: From the web ... to Science
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Re: omalus or philoctetes?

... all: many thanks and (of course): jipphee... Meanwhile I had also compared the veins of the wings and was full of hope... As far as I know only P. truncatus lives in our region. Or are there other species around? Pics: for me it is a meditation, a good alternative to the things I'm involved in ...
by Paul
05 Aug 2017 16:00
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Topic: Philoctetes bidentulus - Germany
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The origin of the chrysidid names

... [LAT, adj.] = alike) + (- chrum = suffix derivated from Hedychum ) [m.] Philoctetes (from the mythological name of Philoctetes [GR]) Prochridium ... Philoctetes ( Philoctetes [GR] = mithological name, friend of Hercules) truncatus (from truncare [LAT., past part.] = break off, cut off) Pseudomalus ...
by Euchroeus
27 Mar 2014 17:24
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Topic: The origin of the chrysidid names
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