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Re: A identificare

Hi chrysidid-fans :wohow: , I think it is a Chrysura of radians species group : propodeum is gibbous with a basal depression ... angulate propodeum (exit refulgens, rufiventris & trimaculata). Chrysura hirsuta is a mountain & septentrional species, and it has no depression on the ...
by jeromec
26 May 2020 22:07
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Topic: Chrysura cf. radians
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Osmia pilicornis as host of Chrysura hirsuta

... Bees : Megachilidae), found some nests of the rare Osmia pilicornis and Chrysura hirsuta is mentioned as cleptoparasit of the bee. More information in this paper : here
by jeromec
15 Jul 2019 18:05
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Topic: Osmia pilicornis as host of Chrysura hirsuta
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Re: Chrysididae from Czech,Kolín 2016,2017

... radians group (= pustulosa in Linsenmaier 1959) : head convergent to the clypeus ; male with flagellomeres rounded bellow + many species (except hirsuta + some other species in south of Europe) : metanotum +/- angulate posteriorly. (view in profile). hirsuta : black setae on metasoma, radians ...
by jeromec
25 Jul 2017 16:51
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Topic: Chrysididae from Czech,Kolín 2016,2017
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New on the forum

... fulgida, Pseudomalus auratus, Hedychridium coriaceum, Chrysura hirsuta, (in moutains of Switzerland)... During the last week, I have seen some Chrysis (may ...
by jeromec
10 May 2016 17:26
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Topic: New on the forum
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Re: Chrysididae from Serbia

Yes its a Chrysura sp., but I cannot help you further, hopefully Paolo will be able to give a species ID. It could be something around C. hirsuta (if it has dark brown/black hairs on the posteriolateral edges of tergite 2, which it doesnt ...
by Alex
15 Mar 2016 19:24
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Topic: Chrysididae from Serbia
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Re: Pomoc!

:welcome: Ivelina! It should be Chrysura trimaculata (Foerster)- However the long dark hairs on thorax are also typical of C. hirsuta . Since I cannot see the hairs at the end of the abdomen, it's important to know where this picture ...
by Euchroeus
18 Apr 2012 17:15
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Topic: Chrysura trimaculata (Foerster, 1853) - Bulgaria
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