Suche: Book of Chrysididae

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Suche: Book of Chrysididae

Postby kenibark6 » 15 Sep 2020 09:13

Kimsey, L.S. & Bohart, R. - 1991 (1990) - The Chrysidid wasps of the World.
Linsenmaier, W. (1968). Revision der familie Chrysididae.
Please contact me if you could offer this book, or if you know a store/website that stilloffers it!

Sergei .
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Re: Suche: Book of Chrysididae

Postby DanieleBaiocchi » 27 Dec 2021 13:03

Hello Sergei,

I do not know if you already found and bought this book, but in case you still haven't there is one copy on sale on Amazon ... 0198540108

Best wishes,
Daniele Baiocchi
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