Chrysis alcudiae sp. n., a new gold wasp

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Chrysis alcudiae sp. n., a new gold wasp

Postby Euchroeus » 31 Aug 2012 10:39

Dear All,

our colleagues Gerd Reder and Werner Arens described a new European species:

Chrysis alcudiae sp. n., a new gold wasp of the Chrysis leachii-group from Mallorca.
Mitt. internat. entomol. Ver. Frankfurt a.M., Band 37, Heft 3: 163-172.

Abstract: Chrysis alcudiae sp. n. is described from the Balearic Island Mallorca (Spain). It belongs to the Chrysis leachii-group and is characterized by a rather uniformly red or greenish-red colouration and an unusual shape of the male genital capsule; the anal rim is dark violet or blue with green-blue dots. The host of C. alcudiae sp. n. is obviously Miscophus absconditus Andrade 1960, an endemic digger wasp of Mallorca. The genital capsule of the similar species C. corsica is illustrated for the first time.

For any request, you can write to Werner Arens: or directly to the editorial office of the journal. The pdf will be freely downloadable 5 year after the publication.
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