Chinese Cleptes

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Chinese Cleptes

Postby Euchroeus » 13 Dec 2013 21:10


I'm glad to inform you that the following article #6175

"Revision of the Chinese Cleptes (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) with description of new species" was published in Issue 362 of ZooKeys, ... ew-species
doi: 10.3897/zookeys.362.6175.

The genus Cleptes Latreille, 1802 from China is revised and illustrated for the first time. Seventeen species
of Cleptes are recorded. Nine species are new to science, Cleptes albonotatus sp. n., Cleptes eburnecoxis sp. n., Cleptes flavolineatus sp. n., Cleptes helanshanus sp. n., Cleptes niger sp. n., Cleptes shengi sp. n., Cleptes sinensis sp. n., Cleptes tibetensis sp. n., and Cleptes villosus sp. n., and two species are reported as new to China, Cleptes metallicorpus Ha, Lee & Kim, 2011, and Cleptes seoulensis Tsuneki, 1959.

Wei Rosa & Xu, 2013.pdf
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Re: Chinese Cleptes

Postby Alex » 29 Dec 2013 16:19

Congratulations on all your publications - there seem to be an unending line of them coming out! :)
I'm really impressed by these "digital" style papers with so many high quality photographs of specimens - empowers the reader to make their own judgement of characters and not just rely on line-drawings of cherry-picked bits of the morphology! Of course its beautiful to just look at too!

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