The Chrysididae Radoszkowski Collection

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The Chrysididae Radoszkowski Collection

Postby Euchroeus » 16 Mar 2015 23:56


the article by Rosa Paolo, Wiśniowski Bogdan and Xu Zai-fu (2015) "Annotated type catalogue of the Chrysididae (Insecta, Hymenoptera) deposited in the collection of Radoszkowski in the Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków" was published on ZooKeys 486: 1–100. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.486.8753

You can download it for free here:

A critical and annotated catalogue of 183 types of Hymenoptera Chrysididae belonging to 124 taxa housed in the Radoszkowski collection is given. Radoszkowski type material from other institutes has also been checked. Six lectotypes are designated in Kraków (ISEA-PAN): Chrysis acceptabilis Radoszkowski, 1891; C. persica Radoczkowsky, 1881; C. daphnis Mocsáry, 1889; C. lagodechii Radoszkowski, 1889; C. remota Mocsáry, 1889 and C. vagans Radoszkowski, 1877. The lectotype of Brugmoia pellucida Radoszkowski, 1877 is designated in Moscow (MMU). Four new combinations are proposed: Philoctetes araraticus (Radoszkowski, 1890), comb. n.; Pseudomalus hypocrita (du Buysson, 1893), comb. n.; Chrysis eldari (Radoszkowski, 1893), comb. n.; and Chrysura mlokosewitzi (Radoszkowski, 1889), comb. n.. Ten new synonyms are given: Chrysis auropunctata Mocsáry, 1889, syn. n. of C. angolensis Radoszkovsky, 1881; C. chrysochlora Mocsáry, 1889, syn. n. and C. viridans Radoszkowski, 1891, syn. n. of C. keriensis Radoszkowski, 1887; C. angustifrons var. ignicollis Trautmann, 1926, syn. n. of C. eldari (Radoszkowski, 1893); C. maracandensis var. simulatrix Radoszkowski, 1891, syn. n. of C. maracandensis Radoszkowski, 1877; C. pulchra Radoszkovsky, 1880, syn. n. of Spinolia dallatorreana (Mocsáry, 1896); C. rubricollis du Buysson, 1900, syn. n. of C. eldari (Radoszkowski, 1893); C. subcoerulea Radoszkowski, 1891, syn. n. of C. chlorochrysa Mocsáry, 1889; C. therates Mocsáry, 1889, syn. n. of C. principalis Smith, 1874; and Notozus komarowi Radoszkowski, 1893, syn. n. of Elampus obesus (Mocsáry, 1890). One species is revaluated: Chrysis chalcochrysa Mocsáry, 1887. Chrysis kizilkumiana Rosa is the new name for C. uljanini Radoszkowski & Mocsáry, 1889 nec Radoszkowski, 1877. Pictures of seventy-seven type specimens are given.

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