Catalogue of the Russian Hymenoptera

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Catalogue of the Russian Hymenoptera

Postby Euchroeus » 16 Jan 2018 08:48

Dear friends,

the Annotated catalogue of the Hymenoptera of Russia. Volume 1. Symphyta and Apocrita: Aculeata.
A.V. Antropov, Yu.V. Astafurova, S.A. Belokobylskij, A.M. Byvaltsev, Yu.N. Danilov, D.A. Dubovikoff, K.I. Fadeev, A.V. Fateryga, N.V. Kurzenko, A.S. Lelej, T.V. Levchenko, V.M. Loktionov, M.V. Mokrousov, P.G. Nemkov, M.Yu. Proshchalykin, P. Rosa, D.A. Sidorov, Yu.N. Sundukov, Z.M. Yusupov, L.A. Zaytseva

was published
Lelej A.S., Proshchalykin M.Yu. & Loktionov V.M. (Eds.)
Proceedings of the Zoological Institue RAS, Supplement 6, 475 pp. ... -Lelej.pdf

with a large part dedicated to Chrysididae,
the first catalogue on the Russian cuckoo wasps after Radoszkowski (1866).
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