Brugmoia quadrata or Euchroeus purpuratus

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Brugmoia quadrata or Euchroeus purpuratus

Postby Euchroeus » 29 Nov 2012 19:34

After Kimsey (1988) and Kimsey & Bohart (1990) the generic name Euchroeus Latreille, 1809 was replaced by the name Brugmoia Radoszkowski, 1877, and the species known as purpurata (Fabricius, 1787) was called quadrata (Shuckard, 1836).

In 1998 the Commission on the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN, Opinion 1906) conserved the generic name Euchroeus Latreille and the specific name purpurata Fabricius.

Therefore the correct generic name is Euchroeus ; the most beautiful European species belonging to the genus Euchroeus must be identified as purpuratus (Fabricius).

However, in many publications the generic name Brugmoia and the species name quadrata still are erroneusly in usage (e.g. Tarbinsky, 2000; Pagliano, 2008; Kurzenko & Lelej, 2007; Lelej & Kurzenko, 2012; etc.).
That's why I'm writing this post.

Short history of this complicated case:

Kimsey (1988: 272) designated the lectotype of C. purpurata at the Copenhagen Museum. She found three specimens labeled as C. purpurata but belonging to an other species: Chrysis iris Christ, 1791. Consequently she placed purpurata Fabricius, 1787 in synonym of iris Christ, 1791.

The consequence of this lectotype designation were drastic:

1 - the generic name Euchroeus Latreille, 1809 become a junior synonym of Chrysis Linnaeus, 1761 and was replaced by the first available name: Brugmoia Radoszkowski, 1877.

2 - the species identified with the name Euchroeus purpuratus (Fabricius) was replaced by the name Brugmoia quadrata (Shuckard, 1836), the first available name.

Kimsey (1988) and later Kimsey & Bohart (1990) did not take in consideration two facts:
1. the specimen designated as lectotype by Kimsey did not match the original description: the three specimens found under the name purpurata were not syntypes. In fact, Fabricius described Chrysis purpurata in 1787; Fabricius (1793) repeated the same description, but few years later (1804) described again C. purpurata with several differences from the texts given in 1787 and 1793. For example "anus serratus" [T-III serrated] become "anus quadridentatus" [T-III with four teeth]. These differences suggest that in 1804 Fabricius gave a diagnosis based on a different species [C. iris]. Latreille (1805 and 1809) referred to C. purpurata as a species with "son extrémité postérieure d'un rouge pourpre; anus ayant un grand nombre de dentelures". He also described the genus Euchroeus (1809) based on C. purpurata as the only species: "abdomen postice serratum, dentibus numerosis". Therefore the identification of the species purpurata and the genus Euchroeus is unmistakable.

2. After Latreille (1809), all the authors used the name Euchroeus purpuratus (Fabricius) which was in current usage.

Thanks to the detailed evidences provided by Pavesi & Strumia (1997), the Commission on the ICZN suppressed the lectotype designation by Kimsey, conserved the generic name Euchroeus Latreille and the specific name purpurata Fabricius. A neotype of Chrysis purpurata was designated by Pavesi & Strumia in the Spinola collection.
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