New Chrysididae described in 2013

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New Chrysididae described in 2013

Postby Euchroeus » 25 Dec 2013 13:08

Hallo everyone,

fifteen species of Chrysididae were described in 2013, of which only one from Europe.

A special mention for the new genus Oligogaster Solimam & Kimsey characterized by the only two visible metasomal terga, four visible sterna and edentate tarsal claws. The discovery of a new chrysidid wasp with two visible metasomal terga in the Palaearctic region, where all previously known chrysidids are distinguished by 3–5 visible terga, is extraordinary. Only Allocoeliini, a monogeneric tribe occuring in southern Africa, are known to have this reduced tergal morphology.

New taxa:

New Genus:
Oligogaster Soliman & Kimsey, 2013 (type species Oligogaster kimseyae Soliman, 2013) from the tribe Elampini is described from Egypt.

New species:

Cladobethylus insularis Kimsey & Dewhurst, 2013: 21. Holotype ♂; Papua New Guinea, Northern (Oro) Province, Higaturu, ex Eurycantha insularis egg, second generation coll. 23/ii/2009, died 23/ii/2009 C. F. Dewhurst, No. 888 (London).
Exova tunana Kimsey & Dewhurst, 2013: 24. Holotype ♂; Papua New Guinea, Northern (Oro) Province, Saiho Division (Tunana), ex Eurycantha insularis egg, emerged 27/vii/2007, died 30/vii/2007, C. F. Dewhurst, No. 828 (London).

Cleptes albonotatus Wei, Rosa & Xu, 2013. Holotype ♀; China: Guangdong, Nanling National Nature Reserve (24°55'43"N, 113°1'1"E), 10–14.V.2006, Zai-fu Xu leg. (Guangzhou)
Cleptes eburnecoxis Wei, Rosa & Xu, 2013. Holotype ♂; China: Zhejiang, Mt. Tianmu, Xianrending (30°20'56"N, 119°26'03"E), 25–29.VII.2011, Hua-yan Chen & Cheng-yuan Jin leg. (Guangzhou)
Cleptes flavolineatus Wei, Rosa & Xu, 2013. Holotype ♀; China: Zhejiang, Hangzhou Botanical Garden (30°15'7.94"N, 120°7'40.48"E), 18.VI.1993, Jun-hua He leg. (Hangzhou)
Cleptes helanshanus Wei, Rosa & Xu, 2013. Holotype ♀; China: Inner Mongolia, Mt. Helan (39°2'5.27"N, 106°1'38.09"E), 27.VII.2010, Hong-fei Chai leg. (Guangzhou)
Cleptes niger Wei, Rosa & Xu, 2013. Holotype ♀; China: Shaanxi, Mt. Taibai (34°5'12.41"N, 107°42'41.77"E), 1100 m, 12–13.VII.2012, Na-sen Wei leg. (Guangzhou)
Cleptes shengi Wei, Rosa & Xu, 2013. Holotype ♀; China: Jilin, Maoershan National Forest Park (42°51'23.72"N, 129°28'12.36"E), 15.VI.2010, Mao-ling Sheng leg. (Guangzhou)
Cleptes sinensis Wei, Rosa & Xu, 2013. Holotype ♂; China: Shaanxi, Liping National Forest Park (32°51'43"N, 106°34'56"E), 23.VII.2004, Hong-ying Zhang leg. (Guangzhou)
Cleptes tibetensis Wei, Rosa & Xu, 2013. Holotype ♂; China: Tibet, Pailongxiang, Daxiagu (30°1'10.56"N, 94°59'49.92"E), 2054 m, 15.VI.2009, Mei-cai Wei leg. (Guangzhou)
Cleptes villosus Wei, Rosa & Xu, 2013. Holotype ♂; China: Guizhou, Suiyang, Kuankuoshui National Nature Reserve (28°1'23.16"N, 107°7'45.29"E), 8.VI.2010, Jie Zeng leg. (Guangzhou)

Hedychridium balearicum Strumia, 2013: 474. Holotype, ♀, "Bunyola (Mallorca)/ 16–31.08.2004 TMB/ Florencio Sanza legit" (Madrid).
Oligogaster kimseyae Soliman, 2013: 198. Holotype, Egypt.
Chrysura baiocchii Rosa, 2013: 26. Holotype ♀, Iran, Fârs province, 2050 m, 7 km W Dasht-e-Arzhan, 29°38'00''N, 51°54'50''E (Figs 15, 16), 12.v.2010, leg. D. Baiocchi. (Milan)
Primeuchroeus yongdaerianus Kim, 2013: 95. Holotype ♀, Korea "Kr. GW. Inje-gun, Buk-myeon, Yongdae-ri [38°14.14'N, 128°20.36'E, ca. 499 m alt.], 28 June 2012, JK Kim. (Hanseo)

Kimsey L.S., Dewhurst C.F. & Nyaure S. (2013) New species of egg parasites from the Oil Palm Stick Insect (Eurycantha insularis) in Papua New Guinea (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae, Phasmatodea, Phasmatidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research, 30: 19-28.
Rosa P., Lotfalizadeh H. & Pourrafei L. (2013) First checklist of the chrysidid wasps (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae) of Iran. Zootaxa 3700 (1): 001–047.
Rosa P. & Lotfalizadeh H. (2013) A new species-group of Chrysura Dahlbom, 1845 (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae), with description of Ch. baiocchii sp. nov. from Iran. Zootaxa, 3737 (1): 24–32.
Soliman A.M. & Kimsey L.S. (2013) Oligogaster gen. nov., a new chrysidid genus from Egypt (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae, Elampini). Zootaxa 3681 (2): 197–200.
Wei N-s, Rosa P. & Xu Z-f (2013) Revision of the Chinese Cleptes (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) with description of new species. Zookeys, 362: 55–96.
Strumia F. & Gayubo S.F. (2013) To the knowledge of cuckoo wasps (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae) of the Balearic Archipelago, Spain. Zootaxa 3694 (5): 471–485.
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