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Ten years of Chrysis.net

Postby Gian Luca Agnoli » 06 Dec 2010 18:04

12 April 2000 - 12 April 2010

The 10th birthday is generally an important event, but it becomes even more significant when it applies to a website, an immaterial entity belonging to a highly selective, digital world.

In order to keep that role of public service that Chrysis.net website has gained in the WWW panorama, we have finally filled a crucial lack affecting it: an environment where users may interact and upload textual and multimedia contents. In one word, a FORUM. We are therefore pleased to announce the release of Chrysis.net FORUM.

To celebrate our 10th birthday in the best possible way, we are pleased to announce the partnership established with two reference subjects:

- the SOCIETÀ ENTOMOLOGICA ITALIANA (Italian Entomological Society), a scientific institution founded in Florence on October 31st, 1869 - one of the oldest and most prestigious societies in the world;


- the FORUM ENTOMOLOGI ITALIANI (Forum of the Italian Entomologists), a meeting place for all those interested in entomology throughout the Italian territory (and beyond), born thanks to the initiative of Marcello Romano.


Such partnerships fill us with pride for the path taken and give us new energy for the way forward.
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