Cleptes pallipes Lepeletier, 1806, Netherlands

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Re: Cleptes pallipes Lepeletier, 1806, Netherlands

Postby Euchroeus » 08 Jul 2011 13:27

Hi Villu,

thanks for your interesting observations!

First of all, the situation with types is still more complicated!

The Lectotype designation of Sphex semiaurata made by Kimsey & Bohart in Paris is obviously not valid. (By the way, I did not find this type in Paris)
The Lectotype was already established by Day (1979:72) on a specimen housed in Linnaeus' collection.
This fact is not strange: I found more than 60 invalid Lectotype designations made by the two American Authors.

The Lectotype of Cleptes pallipes designed by Morgan (1984) is also invalid:
the species has been described on a single female: «L'insecte décrit étoit une femelle. Je ne connois pas le mâle. Des environs de Paris». Thus the designation is invalid because we have a Holotype by monotypy.
By the way Buysson (1897) already selected the same specimen as "type" and the matter becames longer and not interesting here.

Your argument on the geographical distribution is correct. I applied the same criterion for some Lepeletier species.
I did not yet study Linnaeus' material and from the picture is not really possible to say anything more.
Móczár examined all of the types, so I thought that his key and study was accurate and I'm using it as the main reference.

What I suggest is:
in Linnaeus' collection there are 2 males, the Lectotype and one Paralectotype. You could ask to study both and dissect the paralectotype so we could close this diatribe.

Thanks again and let me know

P.S.: Last observation for who is not working on Chrysididae: Linsenmaier called Cleptes semiauratus (sensu Móczár) as Cleptes splendens (Fabricius).
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Re: Cleptes pallipes Lepeletier, 1806, Netherlands

Postby pietsje » 11 Jul 2011 01:16

Thanks for your reply. I hope Paolo can do something useful with your information because for me it is rather complicated. I will read the pdf, although I can not understand everything that is written since I'm not an entomologist (I'm in the IT business, Quality assurance, programmanagement)). I sent your reply to Theo Peeters. I hope he has use for your information because he is writing a new bee and wasp atlas for The Netherlands (expected 2012).
Kind regards,
Petra Fleurbaaij
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