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Elampus sp. - Netherlands

Postby ArnovanStipdonk » 23 Jul 2011 19:46

Hello forum,

On the 30th of june this year I found this small goldwasp (about 4 mm long) in the south of the Netherlands in a area with mostly shifting sands. I think it is an Omalu sp but am not sure about it. Is it possible to give this goldwasp an ID? Many thanks.

Regards, Arno
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Name: Arno van Stipdonk

Re: Omalu sp?

Postby Euchroeus » 25 Jul 2011 15:32

Hi Arno!!!

:welcome: in the Forum!

Your specimen belongs to the genus Elampus.
In Linsenmaier's works you can find it under the genus name Omalus subgenus Elampus (previously as Omalus subgenus Notozus).

You can separate it from Omalus by the metanotal projection (mucro), the last tergite of the abdomen with an hyaline apical produced lamina (more or less developed) and the lateral margin sinuate.

I cannot ID by picture, possibly E. constrictus (sensu Moczar).

Best Regards
Paolo Rosa - www.chrysis.net
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Re: Omalu sp?

Postby ArnovanStipdonk » 25 Jul 2011 18:06

Hi Paolo,

Many thanks for the genus name and all the info etc. Linsenmaier's work is not in my library yet, I'm gonna check where I can buy it.
But it's very nice to know it's genus name, maybe later somebody with experience will check it's full name.
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Name: Arno van Stipdonk

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