Chrysis ignita (Linnaeus) from B ?- Czech Republic

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Chrysis ignita (Linnaeus) from B ?- Czech Republic

Postby pepik » 24 Aug 2011 09:32

Hello forum,
Yesterday was only this species about rudii ? , and several Trichrysis cyanea, already the most photographed.
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Re: chrysis - CZ ?

Postby Villu » 31 Aug 2011 11:45


No, this is not C. ruddii. Hairiness is not vey conclusive character for recognizing C. ruddii, red coloration of the legs on ventral side, very dense punctation on metathorax and wide pronotum are more solid characters.

However white hair (setae would be correct termin if we talk about insects) can be useful and in this case it suggests it might be C. ignita form B. I am a bit concerned if brownish hairs might be also white on your photos because of the intensive light. Maybe you can comment if hairs get overexposed with your setting. At least I have experienced that brown hairs may look white when intensive light comes from the viewers direction. This is not a problem if light comes from different angle.

Other than hairs there are several characters that match with C. ignita form B, like: relatively short third antennal segment, sharp teeth at the end of abdomen, long ovipositor, golden patches on thorax etc. Therefore my best guess is that this is C. ignita form B but without looking at the actual specimen under microscope I can't be completely certain.

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