Chrysis analis? or mediata?

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Chrysis analis? or mediata?

Postby Grijzezeehond » 29 Apr 2014 21:06

Hello, I'm new to this site.
I usually find Chrysis ignita, fulgida and immaculata in my garden in Belgium. Today I thought I saw different coloring patterns on this specimen. 1) green and yellow at the sides of tergite 1, 2) a green yellowish last tergite.

Could it be C. analis, or is it something else?

Thanks for helping with ID.

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Re: Chrysis analis?

Postby Euchroeus » 05 May 2014 15:31

Dear Kurt :welcome:

I see that you collect a lot of interesting species in your garden!
Chrysis immaculata is a rare Chrysis, even if it seems to be more common in The Nederlands and perhaps also in Belgium.

Your specimen belongs to the Chrysis ignita group as well.
Chrysis analis has a different structure of the last tergite and a different colour.
You can see it here:
(first picture).

Your specimen looks like Chrysis clarinicollis based on the colour, but the shape of the anal teeth is quite different.
Perhaps it is more closer to the Chrysis mediata subgroup based on the T-III.

Let's wait for our Nordic friends, maybe they will tell us something more.
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