Chrysis tristicula = Chrysis succincta succinctula

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Chrysis tristicula = Chrysis succincta succinctula

Postby Frank_Canon » 14 Jul 2020 02:55

Hello, I think one this is C. gribodoi (and not C. succincta), regarding the punctation and the last tergite. Any opinion ? Thanks.

(Clermont Ferrand, France)

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Re: Chrysis gribodoi ?

Postby Euchroeus » 30 Aug 2020 21:55

Hello Frank

I just have a look at your Flickr page and it's really great.

In my opinion this male should be Chrysis tristicula Linsenmaier (= Chrysis succincta succinctula sensu Linsenmaier 1959).

Chrysis gribodoi has a different shape of the hear posterior to compound eyes and different apical margin of the last tergum, more or less sinuate and concolour with rest of T3.

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