Die Goldwespen Mitteleuropas

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Die Goldwespen Mitteleuropas

Postby Euchroeus » 07 Oct 2020 17:15

Dear Friends,

the book
Wiesbauer H., Rosa P. & Zettel H. (2020) Die Goldwespen der Mitteleuropa. Biologie, Lebensräume, Artenporträts. Verlag Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart, 248 pp. ISBN 978-3-8186-1149-1
https://www.ulmer.de/usd-6561493/die-go ... opas-.html
is now available at Ulmer Verlag website and in other online stores (nhbs, amazon, etc.)

You can find a book preview here:
https://www.book2look.com/embed/978-3-8 ... w.ulmer.de

I hope you enjoy this colorful book.
Paolo Rosa - www.chrysis.net
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Re: Die Goldwespen Mitteleuropas

Postby Alex » 07 Oct 2020 18:56

Great stuff, congratulations on the completion and publication of the project!
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Re: Die Goldwespen Mitteleuropas

Postby Frank_Canon » 07 Oct 2020 20:04

What a nice book, I hope it will be available in English in the future !
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Re: Die Goldwespen Mitteleuropas

Postby DanieleBaiocchi » 15 Oct 2020 08:50

A real mine of informations and beautiful photos. Thanks Paolo, a really great help for a beginner like me!
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