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Pseudochrysis humboldti ?

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2021 16:11
by Thibaultlp
Another species from southern Alps in France, caught last week on a dry path in scrubland (Mirabeau, 04510), 3 males flying along a small clay cliff.

Their very peculiar shape and coloration make me think to Pseudochrysis humboldti (P.fahringeri now ?).

Re: Pseudochrysis humboldti ?

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2021 10:02
by Euchroeus
Wow :wohow:

this is one of the most beautiful and rare species in West Med. Congratulations for your findings :ok:

Wow :wow:
This is a teratological specimen. The abdomen looks 1,5 times the real size.

I think it's P. humboldti, however a picture of the punctation on T2 and one of the genital capsule would be better for ID, because in S France there's also P.incrassata.


Re: Pseudochrysis humboldti ?

PostPosted: 13 Jul 2021 14:17
by Thibaultlp
Hi Paolo,

The abdomen looks very thick on my three specimens, but on my picture it's exaggerated due to the angle I shot it.

In another post on this forum I saw the color of tegulae could help to differenciate humboldti from incrassata (blue on the first one, coppery on the second), I post two pictures of the second tergum and genitalia, if it could help to identificate it.