Osmia pilicornis as host of Chrysura hirsuta

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Osmia pilicornis as host of Chrysura hirsuta

Postby jeromec » 15 Jul 2019 18:05


As I am interested in several Hymenoptera families (I begin with aculeate "wasps", Spheciformes, Vespidae, Sapygidae, Pompilidae) & bees (especially Megachilidae, but others groups too, in my region), I search many papers on internet : one great specialist of bees is Andreas Müller (taxonomy, ecology).

This specialist of trib Osmiini (solitary Bees : Megachilidae), found some nests of the rare Osmia pilicornis and Chrysura hirsuta is mentioned as cleptoparasit of the bee.

More information in this paper : here
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