Chrysididae sp. from Fuerteventura II

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Chrysididae sp. from Fuerteventura II

Postby Mirex » 24 Feb 2019 00:11

Would it be possible to ID the species I found in Betancuria (Fuerteventura) on 04-02-2019? The individual was feeding on some Euphorbia plant. Its body length was about 10 mm.
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Re: Chrysididae sp. from Fuerteventura II

Postby jeromec » 09 Mar 2019 10:44

For me here, the postscutellum is angulate : Chrysura sp (radians group).

With this postscutellum, I think of several possibilities : varicornis, sulcata, refulgens, trimaculata (& rufiventris?).

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