Hedychridium roseum group -other species

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Hedychridium roseum group -other species

Postby jeromec » 01 Oct 2019 11:56

Hi entomologists !
The september 3., I found some Chrysidid on sandy area (first Hedychrum nobile of my region, now we have 4 species), and some Hedychridium of the roseum-group...

Here 2 pictures of the same specimen :

Abdomen red non-metallic except T III (dark red-violet reflects).
The vertex and thorax are greenish, and I wonder what is the species, I don't think it is roseum, maybe caputaureum or chalybaeum.

What do you think ?

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Re: Hedychridium roseum group -other species

Postby Paul » 06 Oct 2019 09:54

Hi Jérôme,

oh, it's very tricky with this group, especially by pictures!
This season I saw many specimen of the roseum-group. The pics
I add were taken on the same flowers at the same day and I
think that both belong to Hedychridium rossicum.I would be pleased
to be corrected if I'm wrong. Maybe your specimen belongs to the
same species, but I'm really not sure. I's not H. caputaureum in my opinion
and I guess it's also not H. chloropygum. Probably Paolo can tell us more.
All the best!
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