Chrysis insperata ?

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Chrysis insperata ?

Postby Thibaultlp » 27 Jul 2021 19:19

My father caught me this beautiful Chrysis in La Verdière (83560, Var, France) ten days ago with a yellow plate.
I think it's something near that Chrysis rutilans ore more probably insperata for the scutum and third tergum blackish, but the shape of apical margin with the two central teeth very close make me doubt.
If someone get an idea...
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Re: Chrysis insperata ?

Postby Frank_Canon » 01 Aug 2021 15:32

Yes I think it is C. splendilula group, differences between both of these species are thin.

Your specimen looks like this one :

Maybe Paolo has a better global idea about it..
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