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Wild Bees, Wasp and Ants of Europe

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2018 09:52
by el.gritche

Just to advise you of a new FB group dedicated to Wild Bees, Wasp and Ants of Europe, where you can announce publications, events etc...

"Because the Pyrenees are French and Spanish, because the Alps are Italian, Swiss, French or German, because the Rhine, because the Danube, because the Carpathians mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, because... because what separates us is what unites us; because the sun, the wind and the clouds do not care about administrative borders, because European countries share an important part of their Fauna, we have created "Wild Bees, Wasp and Ants of Europe", an extension of the Flickr group of the same name."

A group to share information, discussions, events, publications and photos about European Bees and Wasps.
You are welcome in:

Re: Wild Bees, Wasp and Ants of Europe

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2018 10:35
by lutimu
Hello Guys,

Since the passing of Frederick Smith, presumably, no man has given more regard for the investigation of our British Hymenoptera Aculeata (the segment of the request which contains stinging creepy crawlies, for example, honey bees, wasps, and ants, &c.) than Mr. E. Saunders. This request of creepy crawlies is significantly less old than the Lepidoptera or Coleoptera, and Mr. Saunders' work will be extremely helpful to amateurs starting the investigation of maybe the biggest request of creepy crawlies of all, and furthermore of the most fascinating segment, for there are just four gatherings of bugs known which incorporate species living in sorted out networks, three in Hymenoptera—honey bees, wasps, and ants—and just a single in Neuroptera—the termites, inappropriately called white ants.