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Chrysis male, rutilans ?

PostPosted: 05 Jun 2019 19:49
by jeromec

I found this year 2 males Chrysis (one in Besançon, departement of Doubs, one other male in Doucier, departement Jura) during may.
I found it is rutilans, but the coloration is strange, and these specimens look like aurotecta or continentalis (pronotum & scutellum lighter than scutum).

What do you think ?

During may, I found 7 species of Chrysididae in my region (Trichrysis cyanea, Chrysura cf. simplex, Chrysis illigeri/bicolor, Chrysis fasciata, C. cf. rutilans, C. terminata, C. cf. ignita).

All the best,


Re: Chrysis male, rutilans ?

PostPosted: 12 Jun 2019 10:20
by jeromec
In this subject here I read than it could be insperata too.
So I go to see black marcks on the sternites and genital plate.